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Say Goodbye to all Expensive ERPs & Costly non-performing Managers.

Get 10 Managers output by hiring our Digital Transformation CoPilot Services at less then salary of one Manager.

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Save 90% of Time & 50% of Cost

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How todo 80% Automation at 20% Costs?
1. Menuless: 10X your employee productivity.
2. Codeless: 1 programmer can do work of 10.
3. Riskless: Convert your SME into MNC.
4. Spendless: Save 50% of Your Costs.
5. Vendorless: DIY with your inhouse IT.
6. Managerless: From Manager to Owner.
7. MSOfficeless: Get rid of costly licenses.
8. Emailless: Reduce Email/SMS/WA pollution.
9. Officeless: Set Virtual WFH Offices.
10.Paperless: Save 90% of your Space & Time.

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Compare ERP
Compare ERP

We provide end to end Business Automation Service for all products in Industry. What would you like to do?

1. Select ERP / AI Business Automation Software?.
2. Implement ERP / AI Business Automation Software?.
3. Manage ERP / AI Business Automation Software?.
SAP Microsoft Oracle Zoho Oodo MobileERP

Your Problems:

  • Your Employees are not Productive and you need to do lots of followup and checking to get quality work done?.
  • You have not developed management system with KRA, KPIs, 6-Sigma etc. standards and there is no process driven approach.
  • You have bought multiple ERP software systems with huge number of costly MS Office Licenses which creates document pollution.
  • You are Tired of Spending Lakhs Every Month on User based Software License & Employees Salaries to run business without ROI results.

Our Solution: Your CEO will feel stupid saying it NO.

Get 10 Managers output by hiring our Digital Transformation CoPilot Services at less then salary of one Manager.

Option 1: DIY: Done by you: (Online)USD999/INR85K per month unlimited user license

Option 2: DWY: Done with you: (Hybrid)USD1499/INR1.27L per month unlimited user license

Option 3: DFY: Done for you: (Onsite)USD1999/INR1.7L per month unlimited user license

With Free Training, Cosultancy, Support, Implementation and Customization for 1st year. Hurry offer valid for limited time period only.

Get ERP with CRM, HRM, EPM, ECM, ETM, PMS at 95% less costs compared to other ERP Vendors. If you don't like we refund 50% amount.

Say Goodbye To All Expensive Softwares & Employees and say hello to new SoftRobot MobileERP System to 10x your business & reduce costs.
Replace all your existing softwares and non-productive employees with our unique systems and solutions. Get FREE Consultancy today..
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SoftRobot - OnRoyalty

For IT Cos / IT Depts

Start IT Biz today


ERPWEB - OnPremise

For Big Companies

100% Secure Inhouse


MobileERP - OnCloud

For SME Companies

For Startups/MSMEs


SoftServer - Consulting

For Free ERP Lovers

Outsource IT Dept


ChatBotERP - OnAI

Early AI Adopters

Zero Manpower ERP


Software Applications:

One Software across Organization

A revolution in business auomation for SME Companies with low budgets. Instead of buying multiple software's from multiple vendor's why not to buy CRM, ERP, SCM, ECM, HRM, PAYROLL, ESS, PLM, PMS etc. from same vendor?. Lets be real, SMEs cannot afford software's used by MNCs. Only MobileERP can provide MNC capability to SMEs. So empower your company to get low cost all in one IT Solutions of MNCs from MobileERP. Let's convert your SME company into MNC today.

MobileERP.in - Is an open source free World's 1st Mobile based Project driven Menuless zero training ERP ...


Download the app in AppStore, Google Play or Microsoft Store.


Compare it with MS Build/Outsystems/ZohoCreator

Do Process Design with SoftRobot?. Walkthrough & See how it works?.


Develop Next Generation AI Apps

A revolution in process driven, menuless, codeless, AI software development for Programmers, IT Department and IT Companies. SoftRobot is world's first process driven, menuless, codeless, AI Software development tool. Even non-programmers can write programs in minutes instead of months. No previous experience in programming required. So empower your Programmers and IT Department so that you don't end up paying huge Customization and Maintenance cost for your ERP Software to costly 3rd party IT Vendors. Build your inhouse ERP Development and Maintenance Team with SoftRobot today.

softrobot technology

Compare it with Productivity & GTD Software's

Try Simple GUI Screenshot Demo Walkthrough & See how it works?.


Menuless GUI Experience

A revolution in software operations by using TODO List GTD Operation instead of complex menu's. Let's face reality employees need training to operate the ERP Software. With menuless software employees will start working on their own as they will feel pressure of delays monitored and will get simple TODO List auto generated by AI Systems. SMEs can not force their employees to work as per predefined process like MNCs without much training and without hiring costly managers. So empower your employees today with softserver.

digital transformation services

AI Automation

Drive Business through AI Chat

A revolution in finding and analysing data for managers decision making for SME Companies. Now getting reports is as easy as doing chat.. Managers in SME can now get reports and make faster decisions using ChatbotERP. Accesing report's from ERP without any training to Managers of SME is a big boost for companies. Non IT Savy managers also know how to use whatsapp or chat. So emplower your managers today.

digital transformation services

Industry Solutions

Industry Specific Solutions Built-in

A revolution in experienced best practice business solutions and proven process used by MNCs for SME Companies. Let's be real SMEs cannot afford managers and consultants hired by MNCs. To provide quality of client service provided by MNCs, SMEs need ERPWEB a pre-defined fast, simple and built-in process librarie's tailored to suite their employees and resources. So empower your Company to achieve MNC capability.

Best Practices implemented

Explore our Industry solutions

Find your end-to-end solution to start new business. Convert your SME to MNC.

Direct Distribution Channels


Web APP | Mobile APP | Loyalty | Scheme

Sales Person Network

CRM | SFA | Scheme | Loyalty

Project Contract Tenders

Tenders | Projects | Contracts | Repairs

Export / Import


InDirect Distribution Channels

Retail / Department Stores

POS | Self-Checkout | Loyalty | ERP

Wholesale / Consignment

POS | Self-Checkout | Loyalty | ERP

Online / Dropshipment

API | Amazon | Flipcart | ERP

Franchise Network Stores

Franchiser ERP | Franchisee Store | Loyalty

Service Distribution Channels

Service Center

HelpDesk | POS | ServiceBook | Client Survey

Field Service

Chatbot | IOT | Client Feedback


Membership | Referrals | ITSM | IT Services


AMC | CMC | Royalty | Loyalty



Electronic goods, Cars, Durable goods, Textile, Medical Instruments, Subcon Parts


Furniture, Toys, Smartphones, Airplanes, Machinery, Metal Parts, Readymade Clothes


Machine tool shop, Paint shops, French restaurant, Tools, Die, Computers, Tailored Clothes


Food, Beverages, Refined oil, Gasoline, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Plastics, GasCylinders


Real Estate

Kiosks | Websites | CRM | ERP

Infrastructure / BOT

Road | Bridge | Canals | Dams | ERP

Bulk Materials

Quarry | Mines | Weighbridge | ERP



Event Organizers, Chamber of Commerce, NGOs etc.


Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors, Chemists, Diagnostics etc.


Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Timeshare, Tours and Travel etc.


University, College, Classes, Schools etc.



Smart Garbage Collection, Milk Distribution, Traffic Management, Security Cameras etc.

Public Services

Healthcare, Transport, Education, Water, Gas, Electricity, Jobs etc.

Security Services

Police, Defence, Military/Weapons Maintenance etc.

Tax Collection Services

GST, IT, PT, Municipal Tax, Water Tax etc.


Shopping Malls

Kiosks | Rent | HR/Payroll

Maintenance Shops

Car | Machinery | AC Appliances | ERP

Property Management

CRM | Rent | Maintenance

Logistics Management

Tranporter | Driver | Vehicle | Fleet | ERP

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1. Always in Fire-Fighting mode?.
2. Cannot fully depend on the Team?.
3. Business can't run without you?.

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