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April 1, 1988

Work Escalation
20 Items below ROP Level
10 customer complains received
Approvals Pending
10 Sales Orders to Approve
3 Quotations to Approve
6 Invoice to Approve
Data Entry Pending
120 orders to deliver
128 invoice to create
Party Pending
30 orders without PO
34 invoice payments
Performance Failure
30 orders delayed
20 orders cancelled
Work Efficiency
Avg Order to Invoice 3 days
Avg Order to Cash 30 days

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$ 340k


$ 300k

10 Orders

$ 298k

9 Delivery

$ 298k

9 Invoice

Major Outstanding
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Top ROI - Cost Savings
Reduced Inventory costs 40L
Reduced Travelling costs 30L
Reduced Manpower costs 25L
Reduced Scrap costs 20L
Reduced Production costs 15L
Reduced Misc Expenses 5L
Top Chatbot Performance
Customer Support 450
Claims Processes 400
Order Processed 320
Training Given 250
Leave Processed 160
Recruited/Interviewed 23

Top 5 Profitable Projects
Project A with 20% Profit 30L
Project B with 18% Profit 20L
Project C with 10% Profit 15L
Project D with 08% Profit 10L
Project E with 07% Profit 5L
Last 5 Profitable Projects
Project P with 10% Loss 10L
Project Q with 08% Loss 8L
Project R with 07% Loss 7L
Project S with 06% Loss 6L
Project T with 05% Loss 5L

Particulars 16-17 17-18 18-19 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
Attendance Avg/day 351 258 293 284 276 268 254 270Avg
Contractor Payments 359L 250L 299L 28L 27L 68L 54L 177L
Canteen Payments 35K 50K 99K 8K 7K 6K 4K 25K
Electricity Costs 50K 50K 59K 18K 7K 6K 4K 35K
IT Costs 20L 22L 20L 5L 5L 5L 4L 19L


Company releasing 10% dividend this year


Best Automation:
590 Accounting Entries
200 Payroll Processing
120 Payment Reminders
70 Material Movements
5 Bank Reconciliation
3 Party Reconciliation

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