Legal Management System

A Key Tool for Attorneys, Law Firms, Agencies,Inhouse and Outsourced companies that focus on delivering more efficient legal services


Assembling and automating all the work related to different cases going on in the legal department (improvement of operational efficiency)


Better communication with different clients/departments or law firms/clients.


Better document and case management, record of dates, billing and validation of all expenses


Instant access to all documents in one centralized place (safely, anytime, anywhere)

LMS-Legal Management System

Implementation work for LMS Managers



HR Dept






Resolve legal cases quickly

Predict, detect, and resolve quickly

Hire Advocate where needed most.

Better Legal Data management,

Minimise failures in cases

Develop eltie team of skilled experts


Ensure a first-time fix

Solve before oponents even know

Give exceptional legal experiences

Empowering Legal Team

Reduce Legal costs

Workforce safety


Legal Contract SLA

Legal Call Ticket

Call allotment to Advocate

Advocate Attends Court

Court Responds

Update Daily Board

What is MobileERP Legal Management System?.

MobileERP Legal Management System allows you to fetch all emails, documents, attachements and correspondance with Customer, Supplier or Employees via a single click of a button whenever you want to file a case or somebody files case against you. It also helps you to manage all details of court cases with its numbers and records for events of each dates. It also manages your daily board and reminds you for next court case. It manages expenses occurend on Advocate fees, travel, food etc. for each case and gives proper costing.

MobileERP also generates and maintains Legal Documents like Share Certificates, Real Estate Sales Deeds, Employee Contracts, Service Level SLA with Suppliers or Customers etc. for your company. Proper Legal Document Management is most important part of any business.

Common Legal Issues faced by Businesses and Small Business Owners

Owning and operating a business comes with many perks but also some disadvantages - the looming threat of civil litigation being one of them. Lawsuits can cause considerable damage to your business' reputation and finances. Here are some of the most common factors that lead to legal issues for businesses:

Disgruntled Employees

Workers can form unions to increase their bargaining power against their employer to better their working conditions. This power also gives them the ability to come together and prepare a lawsuit if needed. Make sure to have a terminated employee sign documents drafted by a lawyer to ensure the terms of dismissal are clearly stated. It is essential to be familiar with workers rights to avoid inadvertently breaking any laws. Failure to do so leaves the door open for legal action against your company.

Discrimination or Harassment Cases

Whether it be sexual, age, ethnic or otherwise, discrimination in all of its forms can cause serious issues for your business. Ensure legal and human resources departments are well-suited to handle these issues adequately if they arise. When hiring, have all of the applicants' resumes on hand to prove you are making your selection regardless of ethnicity, age, or gender. Hold meetings regularly to oversee relations between employees and ensure discrimination is not occurring on a smaller scale. Office cliques should not be influencing decisions made by lower and middle management.

Sexual, racist or any other type of harassment can quickly turn a workplace toxic. Having periodic meetings to address employee concerns and reiterate company policy helps eliminate the likelihood of these offences occurring. Serious transgressions should be dealt with quickly by terminating offenders. Discrimination and harassment victims garner lots of media attention, which can damage your company's reputation and drain your budget. Be proactive by ridding your business of these problems before they start.

Immigration Audit

Make sure everyone in your company is legally able to work in Country. Use police background checks to ensure false documents do not get past your management. Businesses found to be using illegal labour face crippling penalties.

Patent and Copyright Issues

Many companies in the tech and creative industries must deal with aggressive patent and copyright lawsuits. Be sure to do thorough research during the development phase of every project, or risk a messy legal battle should cross into a competitor's territory.

Dissatisfied Customers

Upset consumers can file class-action lawsuits by gathering a large group of customers to fight a company over broken promises, misleading services, or faulty products. These lawsuits can break your brand's image beyond repair. Be proactive about issues that arise by having sufficient tech support in place and recalling flawed products. Consumers appreciate companies that are honest about their shortcomings rather than those that try to cover them up.

Tax Litigations

With Rapid Changes in Government and Tax Laws sometimes companies make mistakes in filing taxes. This results in Tax Litigations. In countries like India where compliance is very high this risk is highest. So wisely use MobileERP GST and Taxation Management System to avoid any kind of Tax Litigations.


Some heated arguments on social media or TV Channels about certain topics may lead your company or owners into Defamation case. It is human nature that person becomes angry sometime and speaks words which he/she not should speak with customers, media, suppliers, partners, government, politicians, actors or employees. Some bad people will misuse this against you or your company by filing defamation suite and will try to spoil your reputation. Reputation is everything in business.

Other Legal Issues

These are just a handful of the legal problems businesses face today. Several others include disputes with contractors and competitors. A hands-on approach and effective communication goes a long way with both employees and consumers when issues arise.